Helensburgh Pharmacy

Space and time where the primary constraints for the refurbishment of this pharmacy. The design was required to reduce the size of the tenancy and to include the existing requirements such as pharmacy counter, service counter, retail, store room and staff room and adding consultation room and specialized medicated packing areas. The pharmacy could only close its doors for 3 days for construction therefor the design and planning needed to be clear and products available at short notice.
Our interior designer Carley created a layout and shelving system to be compact and flexible that could be made off site with white and glass materials that once installed allowed light to flow through the space. Natural bamboo floors, lighting and off white walls allowed for the displays of brands and products to take the focus. The pharmacies logo colours of orange and blue where added to direct customers to the service areas and used in the signage around the retail space.
The collaboration between the client, design team and construction team enable the project duration to be completed to the clients requirements an enabled the business to trade successfully within three days.