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We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your idea a reality

Marc vanderVeen

Marc vanderVeen

Loves graphic, website & digital design...

Marc is a consistent advocate of the integration of digital and visual design to provide enhanced customer service. His passion for creative and strategic thinking leads him to continually create strong, memorable brands and campaigns that deliver beyond clients expectations.

Carley Austin

Carley Austin

Loves commercial, retail and hospitality design...

Carley has over 15 years’ experience with large corporate organisations and complements the specialised graphic and web design skills offered by EMVY Design.

As interior designer, architectural draftsperson and project manager clients will be given a complete design and construction management service. Since joining EMVY Design, Carley, delivers innovative designs, fosters positive client and stakeholder relations and implemented successful programs to deliver successful design outcomes and project delivery strategies.

Welcome! This is our dedicated Team. Did we say that we would love to work with you? So dont be shy, get in touch!

Our Mission

Our mission is to:
undertake roles which are meaningful and which influence success;
develop long-term relationships with industry participants founded on mutual respect and trust;
always respect the clients circumstances and make client needs the priority;
transfer knowledge at all opportunities: actively participate in the project teams and foster teamwork; and
enjoy the roles we are engaged for and encourage enjoyment in those around us.

  • Graphic design

    Do you require graphic design in Wollongong. Emvy provides clients individually taylored graphic design services. Graphic design services include: logos, brochures & flyers, business cards & stationery, reports, packaging, poster and many more print media’s.

  • Interior Design

    Our interior design & drafting wollongong services can  assist in creating residential extensions to sophisticated wine bars. Working closely with our graphic design and branding team we can enhance interior spaces and bring unique ideas to the functionality of every space. Emvy will help you to create engaging spaces.

  • Website design

    With so many options to consider when taking you business online talk to us, your Wollongong website design specialists. Our Wollongong website design services include  Business / corporate websites, Blogs, Showcases / Online Portfolios Personal websites Content management systems (CMS), Micro-sites, Landing pages, Mobile Websites and Apps.

  • Residential building design

    We’re all over Building design and have the knowledge to get your extension, renovation or addition – Designed, DA Approved and Constructed.

We live and breath design. Graphic design and Website design. Commercial, retail and hospitality design. Interior design and drafting wollongong. Brand design, logo, brochure and siganage.